Skolat Features

The framework

Skolat consists of three modules: for applicants, for university partners and for coordinators.

The Applicants module allows applicants to:

  • view the capabilities of the different partners
  • register within the system
  • fill in the application
  • upload all necessary files
  • monitor the status of the application
  • accept / deny mobility offer
  • view award letter upon successful distribution

The Partners module allows institution partners to:

  • enter institution capabilities
  • view and validate students/staff from their institution applying for mobility
  • view and validate students/staff from strategic regions applying for mobility
  • view and accept students/staff applying for mobility to their institution

The Coordinators module allows the mobility coordinators to:

  • view and manage other coordinators
  • view and manage institution partners
  • view, manage and distribute applicants
  • view and manage questions of applicants/partners
  • create and configure mobility calls

Manuals for all three modules, as well as installation manual, are available at