" Academic mobility refers to students and teachers
in higher education moving to another institution
inside or outside their own country
to study or teach for a limited time. "

Today academic mobility is more important than ever. With technologies and industries changing with the speed of light, it is essential for higher education institutions to exchange knowledge and experience between one another. Only this way they can stay competitive and answer the demand for highly-educated students who are well informed of the modern discoveries in their respective areas.

The recent years have seen growth in academic mobility projects sponsored by different organisations. Universities are more than eager to participate in such projects, and the benefit, both personal and professional, for the exchange students is tremendous.

However, having the money and the desire to organise a mobility is not enough. There is the need for tools with which to organise the mobilitiy and select the successful applicants.

And this is where Skolat comes to help!

Skolat facilitates the organisation of an academic mobility by providing three modules - for coordinators of the project, for partner universities and for applicants.