Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to use Skolat?
To run Skolat you will need a webserver with PHP and MySQL installed. See the installation manual for more information on setting up Skolat.
Is Skolat suitable for the mobility I organize?
Skolat can be used out-of-the box if you are organising an academic mobility of the Erasmus Mundus – Action 2 type.
That is, you have two groups of universities and students from one group can participate in mobility to universities in the other group. No inter-group mobility is possible.
Let’s say we have two groups of universities participating in the mobility - EU and Asia. Then, EU students can go for academic mobility to Asia universities and Asia students can participate in EU mobility. No EU-EU or Asia-Asia mobility is allowed. There are also built-in Target Groups, which indicate particular groups of students. One typical example is having one target group for students of the partner universities and another one for students from the same country as the partners, but from another university. Skolat can also be adapted for use in other use cases. Skolat is open source and anyone can adapt it to their specific needs!
What information/data is required in an application?
Applicants need to proivede
  • personal information
  • home university
  • 3 preference choices for host universities
  • file uploads for CV, passport, motivation letter and other information
For more information see the Skolat application description page.
Can different universities offer different subjects?
Yes, Skolat allows partner universities to enter capabilities. These are subjects offered for specific mobilitiy types (Bachelor, Master, PHD, etc).
For more information see the partner dedicated page.
My mobility call needs to have second call. Can I use Skolat for multiple calls?
Yes, Skolat allows multiple calls to be managed within one and the same installation.
Applicants can reuse applications from previous calls and coordinators can compare statistics between the different calls. Several calls can be opened at one and the same time.
For more information on multiple calls see the coordinator page.
Where can I try out Skolat?
See the Demo page.
Can you host a Skolat installation for my mobility program?
Yes. Please get in touch with the author for discussing the details.
Can you adjust Skolat to suit the needs specifically for my mobility program?
Yes. Please get in touch with the author for discussing the details.