Welcome to Skolat!

Skolat is web framework for organizing the application and distribution process in an academic mobility program.

  • Online – available for all project participants 24 hours/day, 365 days/year
  • Open source – licensed under MPL, everyone is free to use and modify Skolat to suit the needs of the particular academic mobility
  • Secure – all activities are tracked within the system
  • Detailed – statistics give insight to the mobility program progress
  • Configurable – project deadlines, email templates and award letter are fully customisable
  • Tested – successfully used in three EU funded projects

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Academic Mobility
Made Easy

Is Skolat for me?

Skolat can be used out-of-the box if you are organising an academic mobility of the Erasmus Mundus – Action 2 type.

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How do I run it?

To run Skolat you will need a webserver with PHP and MySQL installed.
That’s it. Nice & simple!

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What about demo?

Seeing is believing.
Skolat Demo with example data is available for testing the web framework.

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